The Johannes Branch of the Fite Family

Much fascinating information is given in "The Fite Records" of many famous descendants of Johannes Fite and also of his brothers. It is of much interest to note the prominence and success of Heinrich Vogt - anglicized Henry Fite - brother of Johannes and great-great-great-uncle of the writers. Henry lived in Maryland and from numerous transfers of land, according to the record of his Will, he became a very rich man. One of the most interesting records was his ownership of Old Congress Hall camera picture in Baltimore where Congress met after leaving Philadelphia in 1776*. The records giving the description of this building, which was the home of Henry Fite, and later of his son, Jacob, state that it was "A three-story and attic brick house, of about 92 feet front on Market Street, by about 50 to 55 foot depth on the side streets, with cellar under the whole; having 14 rooms, exclusive of kitchen, wash-house and other out-buildings, including a stable for 30 horses". It was in this hall, built in 1770, that the Continental Congress met Dec. 27, 1776, and conferred upon General Washington extraordinary powers for the conduct of the Revolutionary War. "

Leonard Fite
 Son of Johannes and Catharine, was born Feb. 1, 1760, in Greenwich Township, Sussex County, New Jersey, on his father's farm. His age was recorded in the church book of St. James Lutheran Church, better known as the "Old Greenwich Church" or "Old Straw Church". Leonard enlisted in the New Jersey troops of the Revolutionary Army when very young; he was a member of Capt. Hazlett's "Minute Men," and saw thirteen months actual service as follows: Two months under Capt. John Hazlett, four months under Capt. James Anderson, two months under Capt. Joseph Mackey, five months-the Captain not stated; the entire thirteen months he was in Col. McKinney's command. Leonard applied for his pension at the age of 72, November 27, 1832; said pension was granted and the record is in the pension office at Washington, D. C.
At the close of the war, at the age of 21, Leonard married Margareth Cross, of Oxford, N. J., Apr. 12, 1781. They moved to Pennsylvania, thence to North Carolina and finally to Tennessee at what is now known as Alexandria, De Kalb Co., where he located permanently. He cleared the land and built the home in which his five youngest children were born, making a total of twelve children; the youngest died in infancy. The records state that Leonard prospered in his new home; owned many acres of land, some slaves and was a man of much importance in his neighborhood. The large house, still standing in 1890, bore testimony of the lavish scale on which the estate was run. Leonard Fite died March 22,1842 at the age of 82 years , leaving a widow and eleven children and many great-grandchildren.
"The Fite Records" gave as much space to Leonards wife as it did to Leonard . This booklet would be incomplete if it failed to give some of the more fascinating highlights of the unusual life of Margaret Cross Fite, wife of Leonard Fite ( a great great-grandmother of the writers ) , previously referred to as Granny, who handed down , through her grandson , more valuable information about our early ancestors as recorded in "The Fite Records" in his "Annals of Baltimore", published in 1824.
Margareth Cross Fite
 Known as Peggy, was born at Oxford New Jersey, Apr. 12, 1761. She lived to an unusual age, being nearly one hundred and four years old at her death Nov. 1, 1864. The newspaper account of her death, headed "Death of A Remarkable Woman," gave the highlights of her life. It mentions her molding bullet's for her husband and others to defend themselves and the "Settlement" against the attacks of Indians. On Apr. 12, 1861, a large number of descendants met at the home of her son, Jacob, with whom she lived, and celebrated her one hundredth birthday. At that time she had eleven children living - her oldest, (a son), being 80 years old and the youngest, fifty-nine; 76 grandchildren, 305 great-grandchildren, 71 great-great grandchildren, and two great-great-great grandchildren; in all, 465 living descendants. At the time of her death, her grandchildren of the fifth generation had increased to twenty-one. At the celebration of her one hundredth birthday the tables were run the length of the dining room, out across the porch, and down the lawn under the trees. Granny Fite was seated at the head of the table and her descendants according to descent, the small children being seated on the lawn, under the trees. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church for fifty years. She died Nov. 1, 1864.
 Children ofLeonard Fite andMargareth Cross were:
Children ofJohn Fite ( Leonard, Johannes ) and his wife,Nancy Smith were:   All of these moved to Dallas Co., Arkansas.

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Children ofJoseph Washington Fite ( John, Leonard, Johannes ) and his wife,Margaret Isler Beasley, were:
The only child ofCapt. John Wesley Fite ( Joseph, John, Leonard, Johannes ) and his wife, Amanda Donnell, was: Susan Elizabeth who had two children:
Thomas Isler Fite served as a private during the Civil War in Co. D., Mississippi Volunteers of which his brother,John Wesley Fite, was Captain. He died in 1881. No data on children.
Children ofMaria Louise Fite, ( Joseph, John, Leonard, Johannes ), daughter ofJoseph Washington Fite, and her husband, Meredith Watts, were:   No records are available on the other descendants of John Fite and Nancy Smith.
Elizabeth Fite, ( Leonard, Johannes ) , daughter ofLeonard Fite and his wife,Margareth Cross, married James Robinson, by whom she had 13 children. At the time of her mother's 100th birthday she had 10 living children, 75 grandchildren, and 39 great-grandchildren, but the names of none of these are available.
Children ofJacob Fite, ( Leonard, Johannes ), and his wife,Matilda Beard, were:
Children ofLeonard Beard Fite, ( Jacob, Leonard, Johannes ), and his wife,Martha Mann, were:
Children ofJames W. Lee Fite,( Leonard, Jacob, Leonard, Johannes ), and his wife,Marion Fletcher, were:
Children ofDorcas Rowena Fite, ( Jacob, Leonard, Johannes ), and her husband, Leander Scott, were: Names are not available of any children of George Lee, Sarah Melissa, Eli Thomas, Leonard Mc Clarny, Rufus Kerr, Elenora, Robert Kerr or Matilda.
Mary Amanda Fite was married to Walter B. Burns, and had one child:
Isabella Fite was married to John Hearn, and had one child:
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