The Johannes Branch of the Fite Family

Julia Bruton ( Ella, La Fayette, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes )
 Daughter of Ella Fite and Jack Bruton, was born Jan. 31, 1911 in Socorro, N. M. She was married in Las Cruces, N. M., Sept. 22, 1930, to Merril L. Walker. Merril was born Feb. 9, 1907 in Oregon, Mo. To Julia and Merril two children were born; Shirley Jene, born Sept. 18, 1936, in Oregon, Mo., and Paul Merril, born June 21, 1939 in Oregon, Mo. Julia and Merril are both dead and the children make their home with their grandparents Ella and Jack Bruton, at Rincon, N. M.
Anna Lee Bruton (Ella, La Fayette, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes)
 Daughter of Ella Mae Fite and Jack Bruton, was born Oct. 9, 1912 in Magdalena, N. M. She was married Feb. 21,1942 in Mesilla Park, N. M., to Paul Gaume. Paul was born Feb. 19, 1909, in La Marr, Colo. Paul and Anna Lee are part owners and managers of the Bruton Ranch and live on the ranch. Their present address is Rincon, N. M.
They have one child:
Florence Bruton (Ella, La Fayette, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes)
 Daughter ofElla Mae Fite and Jack Bruton, was born Aug. 29, 1916 in Duncan, Ariz. She was married May 18, 1935 in Socorro, N. M., to Fred Rossiter. Fred was born Sept. 29, 1902 in Wareham, Mass.
Florence and Fred have one child:
James Orville Fite ( La Fayette, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes )
 Son of La Fayette Fite and Anna Brewer, was born April 18, 1895 in La Luz, N. M. He was reared on his father's cattle ranch and later went to California where he worked for the Los Angeles Police Dept. for 20 years, retiring in 1945 to his farm and ranch at Hemet, Calif. Orville saw service in World War I as follows: enlisted June 1, 1918, 3rd Bat., 13th Co., Depot Brigade. Served on the staff of Maj. Gen. Leonard Wood, Camp Funston, Kans. Was discharged Jan. 1919. Orville was married June 1, 1917 to Georgia Cashdollar in Caney, Kans.
Georgia was born in Frankton, Ind., Jan. 9, 1897 .
Orville and Georgia have one child:

The present address of Orville and Georgia is Star Rt. Box E, Hemet, Calif.

               James Orville Fite died on March 11, 1965
Minnie Edith Fite ( La Fayette, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes )
 Daughter ofLa Fayette Fite andAnna Brewer was born in Cloudcroft, N. M., May 7, 1897. She was married in Silverton, Tex., June 3, 1917 to James Dewey Burleson. Jim was born in Silverton, Tex., Nov. 19, 1897. He was reared on his father's cattle ranch and has been a rancher all his life. At present he is ranching East of Rincon, raising Thoro-bred horses and pure bred cattle.
Jim and Minnie have one child:

The present address of Jim and Minnie is Rincon, N. M.

Anna V. Burleson ( Minnie, La Fayette, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes )
 Daughter ofMinnie Fite and James Dewey Burleson, was born Dec. 16, 1919 in Silverton, Tex.She was married Dec. 16, 1944 toGeorge Thomas Wickware in Los Angeles, Calif. George was born in Okla. City, Okla., Nov. 14, 1921. He served in the U. S. Navy, Apprentice Seaman, at San Diego, Calif., and was given honorable discharge because of disability, June 24, 1943. He is at present Automotive Inspector, Maintenance Division, Mt. Rainier Ordinance Dept., Tacoma, Wash.
Anna V. and George have two children:

The present address of Anna V. and George is 10207 Holly Jane S. W., Tacoma 9, Wash.

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Samuel Houston Fite ( LaFayette, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes )
 Son ofLa Fayette Dorris Fite and Anna Brewer, was born Mar. 22,1899 in La Luz, N. M. He was reared on his father's cattle ranch and went to the northwest. Little data is available on his activities since except that at present he owns and operates a nice 100 room hotel in Tacoma, Wash. Sam was married in Los Angeles, Calif., June 2, 1925 to Grace Triplett. Grace was born in Red Stone, Colo., Jan, 17, 1906.
Sam and Grace have one child:

The present address, as of publication of the book, of Sam and Grace was Bonneville Hotel, 42nd. St., Helens Ave., Tacoma, Wash.

Robert Leonard Fite ( Samuel, La Fayette, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes )
 Son of Samuel Houston Fite and Grace Triplett, was born Nov. 11, 1927 in Los Angeles, Calif. He joined the U. S. Merchant Marines in July 1945, trained in the Catalina Island Merchant Marine Training School and served on the following ships : Liberty Ship S. S. Silcox, Liberty Ship, S. S. E. A. Christenson, Victory Ship Clarks Burg Victory, was discharged in Mar. 1947, and in 1949 studied Aero-mechanics at the Clover Park Vocational School, at Tacoma, Wash. He married Betty Lou LaForge in 1952camera picture Robert served a tour of duty in Korea, while in the Army, and was discharged in 1952. He went into Law Enforcement and was an Oregon State Trooper working out of the Roseburg, Oregon office for 6 years. Robert then moved his family to the Oregon coast and continued in Law Enforcement as a City Policeman in Toledo Oregon and finally moving to Newport Oregon in 1961 and working as a City Policeman until 1966 when he retired from Law Enforcement and went into commercial salmon fishing fulltime until 1996.
Robert and Betty Lou had two children:
    Robert Leonard Fite passed away on March 11, 1998 of lung cancer and associated complications from smoking
David Leonard Fite ( Robert, Samuel, La Fayette, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes )
 Son of Robert Leonard Fite and Betty Lou La Forge was born on August 4, 1953 in Portland, Oregon. David graduated from High School in Wickenberg, Arizona in 1971. He followed in his fathers footsteps and went into commercial fishing until 1982. David married Kristi Kay Jensen in 1980. Dave and Kristi moved to Reno, NV in 1982 and are still living there as of this writing. David and Kristi are both avid trout fishermen and hot air balloonists. David & Kristi presently live in Reno,Nevada.
Troy Joseph Fite ( Robert, Samuel, La Fayette, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes )
 Son ofRobert Leonard Fite andBetty Lou La Forge was born June 2, 1955 in Roseberg, Oregon. Troy joined the Navy in 1972 and was honorably discharged in 1978 after 3 years active duty and 3 years in the reserves. In 1992 he met and married Luisa Rita Janet Chang Chavez, from Mollendo, Peru. Janet has a son, Erick Chang, who persued a degree in Business and graduated from San Francisco State University in 2003. Troy is an Internet Programmer and owns and operates a Web Hosting Company (Santa Clarita Valley Web Hosting) in his "spare time".
Paul Leonard Fite, ( La Fayette, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes ) ,
 Son ofLa Fayette Dorris Fite and Anna Brewer , was born May 23, 1904, in La Luz, N. Mex. He went North with some of his older brothers and was married in Bassano, Alberta, Canada, June 5, 1928 to Alice Briggs. Alice was born in Emigrant, Mont., Apr. 13, 1907. Paul and Alice own and operate a dairy farm at Quesnel, B. C. They have no children.

The present address of Paul and Alice is Quesnel, B. C., Canada.

This is as far as the book takes us. Now it is up to you to drop me a line and help me fill in the blanks. The majority of the information so far is current as of 1950 when the book was published and distributed amongst family members. If you have any information at all that would fit in the Johannes line PLEASE send it to me so I can include it.
   I make no apology for the accuracy of the information that was published from my original volume nor do I wish to become embroiled in any controversy that might arise from the publication of this book. I am merely making this information available for your consideration.
Thank-you for stopping by. Stop by once and a while and see this web grow.

Troy Joseph Fite.
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