The Johannes Branch of the Fite Family

La Fayette Dorris Fitecamera picture(Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes)
 Son of Thomas Bethel Fite and Juliann Dorris, was born Nov. 10, 1855, near Princeton, Dallas County, Ark. He moved with his father and his brother, William Monroe, to Hood County, Tex., where he was married, July 20, 1876 to Anna Brewer. After farming in Hood County for a few years he and his father and brother moved to Throckmorton Co., Tex., where they engaged in the sheep business and farming. This family had the "Go West" spirit, as the father came from Tenn., down through Ark. to Texas and about 1887 he and La Fayette followed William Monroe on into New Mexico. William had settled in N. M. in 1886. La Fayette and his father settled in Cox Canyon, East of Cloudcroft, in Otero County, which was then a part of Dona Ana County, N. M. They brought the sheep with them and sent them to William Monroe at Hope, where there was good grazing. La Fayette developed a nice farm and cattle ranch on Cox Canyon, with a winter range in the Rincon. He lived there for many years with a winter home at La Luz, N. M., where his children went to school. In about 1905 he followed his brother to the Jornada, in Socorro County, where he drilled wells and established a large cattle ranch. It is interesting to note how this family, father and two sons, stuck together. La Fayette sold his ranch and stock in 1909 and moved back to Texas and settled in Silverton, Brasco County, where he owned a farm, and lived there until his death June 6, 1920.Anna Brewercamera picture Wife of La Fayette Dorris Fite, was born June 13, 1860 in Talledaga Co., Ala. She was the daughter of James Jasper Brewer and Elizabeth D. Brewer, who came to Texas in 1875. Anna died in Las Cruces, N. M., Oct. 23, 1944. La Fayette and Anna were outstanding individuals of the highest character. Theirs was one of the most thrifty and prominent families in their community.
 Children of La Fayette Dorris Fite and Anna Brewer were:
Walter La Fayette Fite (La Fayette, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes)
 Son of La Fayette Fite and Anna Brewer, was born in Throckmorton Co., Tex., Jan. 23, 1881. He was married in San Antonio, N. M., June 21,1910, to Edna Earl Bruton. Walter came to N. M. with his parents in 1887 and was raised on the farm and cattle ranch in N. M. He was a typical western cattleman. When he retired recently, the only break from the ranch was a few years just prior to his retirement, when he owned and operated a wholesale gas and oil business at Magdalena, N. M., and during this period he was investing his money in a large cattle ranch southeast of Socorro, N. M.
Edna Earl Bruton, wife of Walter La Fayette Fite, was the daughter of Charles Bruton and Agnes Cornet Bruton. She was born in Carlsbad, N. M., Apr. 6, 1890. Edna graduated from the Loretta Academy in Las Cruces, N. M., and taught school for several years.
Children of Walter La fayette Fite and Edna Earl Bruton were: The present address of Walter and Edna is Socorro, N. M.

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William Dean Fite (Walter, La Fayette, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes)
 Son of Walter La Fayette Fite and Edna Earl Bruton, was born Mar. 29, 1911 in San Marcial, N. M. Dean graduated from the Magdalena High School in 1930 and went into the cattle business with his father.
He is now manager of their large ranch southeast of Socorro, N. M. They are still using the old FIT brand which was used by the grandfather. Dean was married, May 14, 1937 , in Belen, N. M., to Evelyn Galon. Evelyn is the daughter of Herman and Emma Galon. She was born, Feb. 22, 1918 in Outlook, Saskatchewan, Canada and came to the U. S. A. with her parents in 1922. She graduated from Magdalena High School. Dean and Evelyn have no children.
Their present address is Socorro, N. M..
SunShine Fite (Walter, La Fayette, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes)
 Daughter of Walter La Fayette Fite and Edna Earl Bruton, was born in Socorro, N. M., Dec. 11, 1913. She attended the University of New Mexico for one year and the Arizona State Teacher's College, at Tempe, for a year, and taught school until she was married, June 20, 1934, to Paul Edwin Woofter, in Socorro, N. M.. Paul Woofter, son of A. D. and Kathryn Woofter, was born in Graften, W. Va., June 26,1907. He attended the University of Oklahoma for three years and the University of Southern California for one year. He and his father own and operate a large ranch southwest of Socorro, N. M., where they raise fine Hereford cattle.
Paul and Sunshine have one child: The present address of Paul and Sunshine is Socorro, N. M..
Charles Bruton Fite (Walter , La Fayette, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes)
 Son of Walter La Fayette Fite and Edna Earl Bruton was born Apr. 4, 1915, in San Marcial, N. M.. He graduated from Magdalena High School and attended the N. M. A. & M. College for two years, and spent one year in the army in World War II, was discharged in 1942. He bought a ranch near Scholle, N. M., where he is engaged in stock raising and farming. Charles was married, June 21, 1944 to Charlene McBee, in Albuquerque, N. M. Charlene was born Aug. 18, 1925 in Jerome, Ariz. She is the daughter of Charles Weaver and Ethel Davis McBee. Charlene is a graduate of the Mountainaire, N. M. High School.
Charles and Charlene have two children:  The present address of Charles and Charlene is Scholle, New  Mexico.
Melba Lea Fite (Walter, La Fayette, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes)
 Daughter of Walter La Fayette Fite and Edna Earl Bruton, was born June 20,1918 in Socorro, N. M. Melba attended the University of N. M. for two years and N. M. A. & M. College for one year, and was married July 8, 1941 to Maynard Ashby Wingo in Las Cruces, N. M.
Maynard, son of Maynard and Birdie Cox Wingo, was born in 1917 in Memphis, Tenn. He graduated from N. M. A. & M. College in 1940 and has been engaged in the stock raising business on his ranches in Van Horn, Texas and Tillatoba, Miss. ever since.
Melba and Maynard have three children: The present address of Melba and Maynard is Collierville, Tenn.

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Cora Elizabeth Fite (La Fayette, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes)
 Daughter of La Fayette Dorris Fite and Anna Brewer, was born Oct. 7, 1885 in Throckmorton County, Texas. She came to N. M. with her family in 1887 and attended school in La Luz, N. M., and was married Nov. 26, 1901 to Jesse Austin Brubaker, in La Luz. Jesse was born Oct. 19, 1875 in Mapleton, Monona County, Iowa. Jesse worked for the Forest Service as Forest Ranger from 1909 to 1942, when he retired from Civil Service to his farm at Garfield, N. M.
The authors of this publication are indebted to Cora Fite Brubaker for much of the data furnished on her family. She was most cooperative in writing letters and sending questionnaires to members of her family.
Jesse and Cora have one child: The present address of Cora and Jesse is Garfield, N. M.
Clyde Warren Brubaker (Cora, La Fayette, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes)
 Son of Jesse Austin Brubaker and Cora Elizabeth Fite, was born Aug. 26, 1902 in La Luz, N. M.
He attended the Roswell Military Institute and completed study with General Motors to become a Certified Buick Service Mechanic. He was ten years in Civil Service, with the U. S. Soil Conservation Service; worked in the Navy Yards at Puget Sound and with the V2 Rocket research at White Sands Proving Grounds. At present he is Shop Superintendent in charge of maintenance at White Sands Proving Grounds, N. M. Clyde was married Feb.21, 1927, in Flint, Mich.., to Edith Beardsley. Edith was born March 10, 1910 at Decatur, Mich.
Two children were born to Clyde and Edith:
Clyde was married a second time to Sarah Green in Roswell, N. M., Aug.26, 1936. Sarah Brubaker was born in Wartrace, Tenn., June 25, 1917. To Clyde and Sarah one child was born, Nancy Sue, born June 29, 1937 in Roswell, N, M. Carrie Lou Brubaker is secretary for the Kal Parchment Paper Co., at Kalamazoo, Mich.

Clyde's present address is: Box 3393, Station A, El Paso, Tex.
Cora Brubaker ( Clyde, Cora, La Fayette, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes)
 Daughter of Clyde Brubaker and Edith Beardsley, was married Sept. 8, 1947 to Lloyd Raymond Lewis at Kalamazoo, Mich. Lloyd was born in Kalamazoo, Mich., Mar. 24, 1926. Lloyd and Cora have one child, Connie Jean Lewis, born Sept. 9, 1948 in Kalamazoo, Mich. Lloyd Raymond Lewis finished High School at Kalamazoo and worked for the Kalamazoo Vegetable Parchment Co., as ink maker. He was in the Navy from Jan. 16, 1944 to July 1, 1946, in the Chemical Warfare Dept., Co. D, under Capt. Voseler, at Naval Ammunition Depot, Hawthorn, N V When he was discharged he resumed his work with the Kalamazoo Co.

The present address of Cora and Lloyd is:
2831 McKinley Drive, R. R. 2
Kalamazoo, Mich.
William Joseph Fite (La Fayette, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes)
 Son of La Fayette Dorris Fite and Anna Brewer, was born Oct. 18, 1891, in La Luz, N. M.. He attended school in La Luz and worked with his father on the ranch in the Jornada until it was sold, after which he went to California and worked for the Los Angeles Police Dept., until he was retired in 1939.
"Jodie" enlisted in the Navy, in World War I, Dec. 15, 1917, was in training at Dallas, Tex., at Great Lakes, then to Hampton Rhodes, Va., and from there to Key West, Fla., where he was assigned to U.S.S. Dolphin, Coast Patrol Service. He was discharged Dec. 21 1918. Jodie was married June 10, 1925 to Elsie Chapman in Los Angeles, Calif. Elsie was born in Hanover, Ill., Dec. 13, 1898. Elsie and Jodie have no children.

Their present address is:
10124 Laural Canyon Blvd.
Pocoima, Cailf.

*William Joseph Fite died on July 27, 1954.*
Ella Mae Fite (La Fayette, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes)
 Daughter of La Fayette Dorris Fite and Anna Brewer, was born in Cloudcroft, N. M., Apr. 10, 1893. She was married in San Marcial, N. M., Apr. 24, 1910 to Jack Bruton. Jack was born in Weed, N. M., Dec. 29, 1886. Jack has worked with cattle all of his life and owns and operates a cattle ranch East of Hot Springs, N. M.
Children born to Ella and Jack were:
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