The Johannes Branch of the Fite Family

Marion Charles Fite ( Thomas, William, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes )
 Oldest son ofWilliam Thomas Fite and his wife Ann Whittington, was born Dec. 11, 1909, in Cloudcroft, N. M.. Marion graduated from Alamogordo High School and attended Business College in El Paso, Tex., after which he worked for Globe Mills Inc., of El Paso, as a clerk from 1929 to 1937. He then worked as a clerk-typist, under Civil Service, War Department, in Galveston and El Paso, Tex., from 1937-1942. He enlisted in the Army May 7, 1942 in World War II. He was in the 33rd Finance Distributing Section Hdq. 5th Army, Warrant Officer, Junior Grade, in North Africa and Italian Campaigns. He served under General Mark Clark in the Italian Invasion and Campaign. Was discharged Mar. 1, 1944. Marion is at present city postman at Visalia, Calif., where he also owns and operates a farm. He is not married.

His present address is : Rt. 3, Box 286, Visalia, Calif
Wilma Alice Fite ( Thomas, William, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes )
 Daughter ofWilliam Thomas Fite and his wife Ann Whittington, was born Oct. 5, 1914 in Clouderoft, N. M.. She was married in Alamogordo, N. M., Sept. 1, 1931, to Carl Owen Howe. Carl was born Sept. 10, 1912, in Ruleville, Miss. Carl drives a bus for the Greyhound Lines. Wilma and Carl have two children: The present address of Wilma and Carl is:
  Rt. 56, Box 335
  El Paso, Tex.
Jack Morrow Fite ( Thomas, William, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes )
 Son ofWilliam Thomas Fite and his wife Ann Whittington, was born Mar. 4,1922 in CIoudcroft, N. M.. He graduated from Alamogordo High School, and married Fatine Cleveland in Lubbock, Tex., July 18, 1942. Patine was born Mar. 29, 1925 in Lubbock, Tex. Jack Fite enlisted in the U. S. Army June 19, 1942 and was assigned to H and S Co., 320th Engineer Battalion, 95th Infantry Div., until departure for overseas in June 1943. Upon arrival overseas, at Casa Blanca, North Africa, he was assigned to the 1st. Armored Corps, under command of General George Patton. He served with the rank of Sgt. and participated in the Sicilian and Rome-Arno Campaigns. Returned to the U. S. in Oct. 1945 and was discharged at Fort Sam Houston, Tex. Jack is now employed as "Chief, In-Service Employee Utilization", Personnel Management, United States Air Force at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma City, Okla.
 Jack and Fatine have two children:  The present address of Jack and Fatine is:
  4505 S. E. 22nd St.
  Oklahoma City, Okla.
Effie Lenora Fitecamera picture ( William, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes )
 Daughter of William Monroe Fitecamera picture and Lucy Jane Elgar was born Sept. 15, 1881, in Throckmorton County, Texas. While attending the Baptist College in Alamogordo, N. M., she met and married Frederick T. Brackett who was also a student at the College. Effie and Fred were married in Almagordo, N. M., Sept. 15, 1903. Fred was born in Marysville, Kansas, Apr. 23, 1880. After their marriage Fred worked as a bookkeeper for the Dawson Coal and Fuel Co. at Capitan and Dawson, N. M.; he was later in charge of a company store at Dawson. He left the Coal Company and went to Colorado where he purchased and operated a farm for a short time, then bought and operated a store in Denver for a few years. For the past several years he has been employed as Technician in the County General Hospital at Denver, Colo.. Fred and Effie have had no children of their own but have opened their home to several of their nieces and assisted with their education. Their home has been a great randevous for young people, who have loved to come there for musical evenings, or just to visit. Effie is a true daughter of her mother and is greatly respected and loved in her church and her community because of her Christian character and her constant and loving service to the church and the sick and needy of the community. She gave much loving care to her father during the later years of his life and was tireless in her care for him during his last illness.

 The present address of Fred and Effie is:
  2299 South Acoma
  Denver, Co.

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Charles La Fayette Fite ( William, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes )
 Son ofWilliam Monroe Fite and Lucy Jane Elgar, was born May 24, 1884 in Throckmorton County, Texas. He came with his parents to New Mexico in 1886 and lived on the farm at Hope, N. M. until 1895. After his mother's death he lived with the Runyan brothers for several years, on their cattle ranches. He continued to work as a cowboy most of the time until he was married Aug. 12, 1906, to Bernie Jane West at Mayhill, N. M.. After Charles married he worked for the Rock Island Railroad until he was killed in a railroad accident at Carrizozo, N. M., Feb. 8, 1909. Bernie Jane West was born at Mayhill, N. M., March 31, 1888. After the death of her husband, Charles, she moved to Cloudcroft and owned and operated the Cloudcroft Hotel until after her two daughters were married. She then married George Olden in 1929. George lived only about seven years after their marriage and after a time Bernie married Oscar Haynes, who lived only a few years also.

  Bernie's present address is:
  211 1lth St.
  Alamogordo, N. M.

Children of Charles La Fayette Fite and Bernie Jane West are:
Opal Fite ( Charles, William, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes )
 Daughter ofCharles Fite and Bernie Jane West, was born in Carrizozo, N. M., May 11, 1907. After graduating from High School in Carrizozo she married Fonce Leon McIntyre, May 3, 1924 at Carrizozo, N. M.. Fonce Leon McIntyre, or " Mac " as he was called, was born Dec. 24, 1910, in St. Joseph, Mo.. He travelled for Western Union Telegraph and Telephone Company in 1924 and 1925. He was Chief Electrician for Bush Electric and Lee Co., at Carlsbad, N. M., in 1925-26 and Chief Electrician for Texas Louisiana Power Co., at Silver City, N. Mex., at the time of his death. He was accidentally killed while doing some electrical repair work during a storm in Silver City, July 13, 1927. After the death of her husband Opal attended N. M. A. & M. College and later owned and operated a beauty shop in El Paso, Tex., and Carlsbad, N. M.. Opal and Mac had one child, Leatrice Marie McIntyre. Opal was married to Walter Forrest Nichols in Carlsbad, N. M.,Aug. 31, 1944. Walter was. born in Buna, Ark., Nov. 7, 1905. He attended Baylor College, in Texas and worked for the J. B. Morris Lumber Co. of Carlsbad. He is at present Manager of the Stanley Hardware and Lumber Co., of Alamogordo, N. M..

 The present address of Opal and "Nick" is:
  1508 Ohio Ave.
  Alamogordo, N. M.
Leatrice Marie McIntyre (Opal, Charles, William, Thomas David, Leonard, Johannes)
 Daughter ofOpal Fite and Ponce Leon McIntyre, was born at Silver City, N. M., May 26, 1925. She graduated from El Paso High School and attended Texas Western College at El Paso, Tex.. She was married, Apr. 7, 1942 at Las Cruces, N. M. to Henry Brackhahn, Jr. "Hank" was born June 25, 1917, in Palls City, Neb. He was inducted into the U. S. Army No. 11, 1941, in Calif. He served in the Signal Corps, Visual Education Dept., as a projectionist. Was in the China, India, Burma Theatre of war, returned to the States and was discharged from the Army Nov. 5, 1945. Hank worked for the theatre at Carlsbad, N. M., as projectionist, from 1945-1947 and from 1947 to the present time as a driller for International Mineral and Chemical Corp., at Carlsbad, N. M.. Marie McIntyre and Henry Brackhahn, Jr., have two children:  The present address of Marie and Hank is:
  209 So. Walnut
  Carlsbad, N. M.
Lucille Fite (Charles, William, Thomas, David, Leonard, Johannes)
 Daughter ofCharles La Fayette Fite and Bernie Jane West, was born Jan. 18, 1909, in Carrizozo, N. M. After attending grade school in Cloudcroft and Carriozo she went to San Antonio, Texas, and lived with her Uncle, L. E. Fite and his wife Kathleen while she finished her high school work and attended business college. She was married in Santa Fe, N. M., Oct. 19, 1929, to William Archie Campbell. Archie was born Nov. 9, 1904 in Otero County, N. M. He has been Manager of Hardware and Farm Implement Stores for the Myers Company at Cloudcroft, Hatch, Fabens, Artesia, Carlsbad and Roswell since 1922. He is now Manager and half owner of the Myers Company stores in Roswell, Artesia and Carlsbad. He also owns a large irrigated farm at Roswell.
   Lucille and Archie Campbell have two children: The present address of Archie and Lucille is:
  22 Riverside
  Roswell, New Mexico.
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