The Johannes Branch of the Fite Family

The few , the proud , the Fites.
This web contains a faithful reproduction of information contained in "A Biographical and Genealogical Narrative of The Johannes Branch of Fites in the United States". This is a book that was handed down to me from my father and was printed in 1950. The majority of the information contained here-in is current as of that date, not counting the updates received from relatives. It is printable so that you can have your own copy of the book if you choose. Please use the "Genealogy Pages menu" or the "Info / Links menu" at the top left corner of each page or the "Text Navigation"  on the bottom of each page to navigate my web.
I have constructed a stand alone version of this website to develop for the web award programs. Unfortunately a percentage of these award programs do not allow blogs, forums, or guestbooks. I had to make a decision whether or not to make my website competitive or not. I finally decided to split my Genealogy web presence in two. I stripped this website of all of the awards and left the forum , blog, and guestbook and built another site at and posted all of the awards and stripped it of the blog, forum, and guestbook. This web site that I have built for the award programs is more comprehensive as far as things I have added to it, as enhancements, but contains exactly the same genealogy information. I invite you to visit and check out all of the awards I have won with it.
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 I have been asked, on more than one occasion, about the Coat-of-Arms that is displayed prominently throughout this web. "Troy, is this really MY Coat-of-Arms"? Just to clear up any possible confusion on this question keep in mind that this particular Crest and Coat-of-Arms were issued to a family with the last name of "VOGT". After the three brothers immigrated to America is when the name changed due to the inaccuracies in spelling and pronunciation. I have been to the main library here in Los Angeles and have personally researched who exactly this Crest and Coat-of-Arms was issued to. Indeed, I have independently verified that these items were issued to the parents of our three brothers. I had to make two separate trips to the library, one to research which Genealogy Volumes I would have to request to view and a second time to request and view the volumes in question. Back in those days they would not allow any photo-copies or pictures to be made because of possible damage from white light. They were watching me like a hawk. In today's world of high technology I think they might allow pictures to be made using a picture-phone, without the flash. The rules must be respected so that future generations can do their research and make their discoveries. There are at least 1 or 2 different Coats-of-Arms and the same number of different lines of Fite's from different parts of the world. These Crests and Coats-of-Arms were issued to families with the last name of "FITE" and are valid as such. If you can trace your lineage back to either of the brothers you are "one of us" and this is your Crest and Coat-of-Arms. If not, you belong to one of the other Fite lines. I have a considerable amount of information gathered from relatives and will be adding them to this web as time allows. It has taken me a few years to decide on the actual web design and now that I have finally decided, I will be adding as much material as I can. Please don't shoot me in case there are any possible inaccuracies! Hopefully I will be able to fill in the blanks and bring it up to date with a little help from friends and relatives. The last fifty years should make some very interesting reading!!
   If any of the people or places described in this web sound familiar to you please me as I am attempting to bring this Fite Family Tree up to date.

  Sincerely ,
  Troy Joseph Fite
I have found a source for copies of Elizabeth Mitchell Stevenson Fite's book "The Biographical and Genealogical Records of the Fite Families in the United States" published in 1907. There are reported inaccuracies in the Peter Fite line but the remainder of the book remains undisputed. I have included a link on the Links page for your convenience and continued research. Enjoy!!
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This site is dedicated to my father who became unforgettable to all who knew and loved him .
( Robert Leonard Fite   11-11-27 to  3-11-98 )
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